Add music to song

Is there any way to add music from iTunes to lyrics in OpenLP? We're getting ready to do VBS and we have songs on a cd which I have put into iTunes. I'm currently working on adding the lyrics to OpenLP so the kids can follow along, but it would easiest if we were able to start the song itself along with the lyrics, is this even possible?

If not I'll just continue along with making the lyrics and we'll have to play the songs on a seperate cd player.

Sorry PastorJ23, this feature hasn't been implemented yet. It is currently planned for the next version - 1.9.7 (beta 3), as listed here:


Raoul, the lead dev, recently said "We (hopefully) have audio linked to songs coming in the next release. It is one of the target features for version 2.0."


Thanks for the info. I didn't think it was possible but I wanted to make sure, and I'm glad to see that it is in the works. I will just go with plan B in the meantime. Thanks for the help!