PDF Support

Hi there,

Just stumbled upon


ICEPdf ist open-source under MPL 1.1,


says that you can freely distribute it. On


there is a little example how to convert pdfs in images, which you can use for presenting pdfs.




Hi Tom,

OpenLP v2 is developed in Python rather than Java, so unfortunately we're not able to make use of this pdf library.

Could this be helpful?

I've not read all of the way through, but it looks capable.


and http://sourceforge.net/search/?q=Python+PDF

Oops, I now see that version 2 is to support many aspects of PDF's in the product.


I'm not sure where you're picking up your supported feature list for v2 from, but I'm afraid there won't be any support for displaying PDF's. These are the actual planned features and implemented features.

There are a number of python libraries for PDF's, but sadly most of them are more geared towards creating them rather than displaying them via an API which is what we need. Cross platform support is the main issue.

I did try to add support for pdf's some time ago, but sadly the pypoppler-qt4 library didn't have any Windows builds which made it difficult. I did manage to get it working, but had fears about being able to support it going forwards. There does appear now to be a python-poppler-qt4 library on the scene too, but again Windows support looks to be lacking at present.