Numbers for songs & Full text search


Until now we used a self written program in our church, but since it is nearly ten years old now, it doesn't fit our needs anymore.
So at the moment i'm testing openlp.
It is exactly what we need. You are doing a great job.

One feature we are missing is the possibility to use song numbers.
The computer is far away from the music team and if they want to play a song that is not in the list, they simply tell the number (it will work via a number pad, next to the piano. every number typed in will be displayed on the computer screen. Currently working on that)

I tried by adding the number before the title, but then I can not search for the songs anymore (at least in beta2)

By the way: is it possible to make full text search? because if i don't know the exact title, I can not find it easily.

Feature requests (by now - will be more soon :) )
- Song Numbers
- Full text search

Thanks, Armin


Hi Armin, 1.0 has undergone "Feature Freeze" so we won't be able to add any new features, but we can look into adding this with a few other features for an 1.2 release.

Thanks, Raoul.