Navigation Feature Requests

Hi, I've had a quick look at openlp, and I think its a great start. Its great to be able to organise all the songs like that, and easily insert new ones. I had a few feature requests with regard to navigation.

1) Advanced to next song / powerpoint / video after the last slide of the current song. Currently you have to double click the next item in the order of service, it won't go on automatically by pressing page down on the last slide of the current song.

2) Blank screen any time. It would be great if you had the option to blank the screen anytime, and the easily return to the current slide. It would also be great if there was the option to have a blank screen, or just a blank slide with the same background as the current theme. Currently the only way to blank the screen, is to delete the current item in the live screen, which means if you load it again, it will return to the start of the item. It would be great if you could show a blank screen or blank slide of the current theme and then return to the current or next slide when ready.