Animeated GIF and Flash as background!

Hello guys,

This is my first message to the forum, so, hello to everyone and thanks for the developers, this is an amazing tool.

I don't know how dificult is add support to animated gifs and flash as background, but would be amazing have this functionality.

Display flash movies as media (like mpeg, avi) could be very useful too.

Many thanks for your attention,





yes and that would be great as many professional presentation softwares are using animated backgrounds. this is my first comment here in openlp. i would also suggest to have a third monitor support (stage musicians, personnel) that would act as an idiot board and message monitor for on-stage personnel. guys it would be great.

for the animated backgrounds, is it possible to integrate a visualization background? like in winamp's milkdrop??? it think it will be a breakthrough in presentation softwares. the sound signal that would affect the visualization will come from the mixer into the line-in jack of the computer. i think it'll be very very great!!!

Also looking for tghis feature. Anyone having an idea or solution how to solve this?

We don't have a solution for this currently, but there is some stuff in the works to make a lot of these sorts of things easier to implement. I don't have a timeframe for when it will be completed.