Saved service does not include theme

If I save a service which relies on the default theme and take that file onto another PC (or to another account on the same PC, which is how I did this test) the default theme on the second PC is used instead.

This is just a minor glitch. The software is looking really good 


This is not a glitch, it is intended behaviour. If you want to move themes between computers, use the export and import functions. See the relevant section in the manual.

OK, understood. I was using a global theme and I agree it doesn't make sense to include that. But if I assign a theme to a service, shouldn't that theme be included in the service file? If I add songs to a service then a copy of the words are added, it doesn't rely on the song database, so shouldn't the same be true for a service-specific theme?

On a related note the default theme setting is Global, so service and song themes are ignored. Your docs show the service manager with a theme selector on its toolbar but with the default install that item is hidden because the global theme is selected. Would it be better to use "Service" as the default level for new installations?

If it's possible, I would agree, adding a theme to the service file would be helpful. Tho, in my case, the way my system is configured, the themes are shared across the board via Dropbox and Junctions anyway.