beta1/beta2 bug reports

okay folks, here's where you post about those bugs...
please tell me the EXACT error message (give me a screenshot if you like), and EXACTLY what you did to get it.

firstly, i already have solved these:

  • "list index out of bounds" when you open and you don't have powerpoint installed
  • "list index out of bounds" when you double-click on a song in the order of server in order to make it go live
  • no hints for toolbar buttons
  • "close-up preview" on the settings form is huge
  • no scrollbars on the song editor form and the add song wizard

secondly, i know about these:

  • titles in the slide control panels don't always change

can't think of anymore right now... if you know of any i haven't mentioned, add it below.


If you have already fixed some of those things, how do we get the fixes? Is it coming in another beta version? At current, I cannot use the newer version but I would like to as soon as possible. Thanks.

the fixes for these bugs will be in rc1. i'm just struggling at the moment to find time to work on with work and church commitments taking up a lot of my time.

also, we have an importer tool, which will import your old data to the newer database format. i'm just trying to get hold of the binary (i can't compile it myself :-().

will keep you updated.

OK, when I leave my old songs DB in with beta 2 I get the following alert messages:

" is not a valid integer value.

On the Secondary Monitor:
Access violation at address 004B48B1 in module 'OpenLP.exe'. Read of address 00000034.

This box refuses to be closed, every time I click "OK" it comes up again...

On The Primary Monitor:
Access violation at address 004B48B1 in module 'OpenLP.exe'. Read of address 00000034.

is this database file from openlp 0.9x or is it from beta1?

Just for the record for this thread, beta1 used the same DB schema as .994, and is not compatible with >=beta2. Please use the Importer tool, linked to on the downloads page.

I never actually went live with OpenLP before then...

I cannot get the bible search to work at all-beta1.

acess error 0000000 when I try to open a ppt presentation.
John Tate

i've fixed the bible search in post-beta2. i'm still working on song-select, since that's not being very responsive...

Clicking to go forward a slide when no slides are loaded causes a "List index out of bounds (1)" error.

Clicking on the packaged theme under theme manager causes a "is not a valid integer value" error.