Displays (Managing Screens)

The display manager provides the following additional features:

  • Ability to work with single screen and move between the slides using the keyboard
  • Ability to change the size of the output screen so it can mimic a projector of a different size
  • Ability to create custom Tags to all different font colours and styles within as song
  • Ability to define your own custom tags and save them.

Theme Manager

The new theme manager provides the following additional features:

  • Improved and more flexible theme editor
  • Ability to clone/rename themes
  • New Gradient type for backgrounds
  • Transparent background
  • Ability to change the font / style of slide footers.
  • Ability change the size and location of the main text area along with the footers.
  • Main Font Editor shows number of lines on the slide.
  • Ability to adjust line spacing on Main font
  • Edit shows how many text lines a theme allows
  • Ability to change size of character border and shadow
  • Ability to adjust the line spacing

Service Manager

The new service manager now provides a tree view of the frames within a service item. This allows service items to be started part way through. For example, It the item were a song selecting verse 2 would load the song with verse 2 displayed.

  • Change the Service Theme and all items are re-rendered
  • Edit a Theme and all items using theme are re-rendered
  • Change the Theme for an individual item in the list.
  • Edit a Song or Custom Item in the list and have it replaced in the list. If the item is also being displayed Live it will be updated.
  • Re Order the list using drag and drop.
  • Ability to add Notes to individual Service Items.
  • Ability to re-order and delete the contents of an Image service item
  • Ability to add additional items to Bible and Image service items by menu and drag and drop
  • Ability to collapse/expand all items in service manager to view all pages.
  • Ability to import songs from Service into Songs plugin.
  • Ability to define a start and end time for media item.
  • Ability to preview the next item in the service when adding a item live.
  • Ability to add an item live and start at any page


Many new features have been added to Alerts. These include:

  • Alerts queue up to display in order.
  • Ability to save generated alerts if Alert is currently being displayed.
  • Ability to re-use alerts
  • Ability to maintain stored alerts and create new ones or edit existing ones.
  • Ability to have a template and add parameter to alert
  • Issue Alerts over all presentation types


Many new features have been added to the songs plugin. These include:

  • New dialog to edit the song with child window for Authors
  • Ability to edit individual verses or Songs as well as the whole Song in one.
  • Ability to add Topics and Song book to Song
  • A song can be edited from the Preview panel and redisplayed on exit
  • Can be edited from the Preview Panel
  • Can be saved and trigger a Preview without leaving the editor
  • Verse Tagging and verse lists now available
  • Ability to add multiple songs to service manager in one operation
  • Song Import from different applications/file formats:
    1. openlp.org v1
    2. OpenLP v2
    3. Generic Document/Presentation
    4. CCLI/SongSelect
    5. DreamBeam
    6. EasySlides
    7. EasyWorship
    8. FoilPresenter
    9. MediaShout
    10. OpenLyrics
    11. OpenSong
    12. PowerSong
    13. SongBeamer
    14. SongPro
    15. SongShow Plus
    16. Songs of Fellowship
    17. Sunday Plus
    18. Words of Worship
    19. ZionWorx
  • OpenLyrics song export
  • Link audio to songs


Many new features have been added to the bibles plugin. These include:

  • Second translation support. Display two translations on one slide (1 verse per slide).
  • An Advanced bible search (select books, chapters, verses from comboboxes)
  • In quick search: can be interchanged with "v". E.G John 1:4 is the same as John 1v4
  • Ability to import bibles directly from the Web (CrossWalk and BibleGateway). These bibles will be downloaded as needed and stored for future use.
  • Import bibles in the format:
    1. Sword export (via the mod2osis tool)
    2. CSV
    3. OpenSong
    4. openlp.org 1.x
  • Ability the Theme Bible slides independently of Songs Themes
  • Ability to combine Bible searches on the same slide (Keep/Clear drop down on search tab)
  • Different display settings.


The media plugin plays videos and audio files.

  • Plays videos
  • Plays audio files
  • Add multiple media items to service manager in one go.
  • Show Text with a transparent theme over a video
  • Allows VLC (external) to be used as a media player


A reimplementation of the Images in v1.x.

  • New Live controller has been added with the ability to loop through all slides in the service item using a timer.
  • New Image options tab to set the loop delay
  • Images can replace the live backgroud.
  • Allow Images to be added to existing service manager items.

Custom Text

A new plugin to allow custom text items, similar to songs but without the additional information, to be displayed.

  • No need to use songs to store liturgy.
  • Ability to edit individual slides as well as all slides combined.
  • Like songs, each custom text item can be assigned a theme.


  • Ability to use LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress to show presentations (Recommended minimum version: v3.2)
  • Ability to use PowerPoint to show presentations (Windows only)
  • Ability to use the free PowerPoint Viewer to show presentations (Windows only)


A new plugin to allow remote computers to control OpenLP via a web interface. This plugin is Inactive by default.

  • Receive the service list
  • Change the current item
  • Change the current slides
  • Send alerts
  • Blank/Unblank the screen
  • Stage View/Monitor
  • Ability perform a search and add the item to the Service or send it live

Song Usage

A new plugin to allow a list (CSV) file to be produced of Live songs. This is extremely handy for end-of-year CCLI license reports and the like.

  • Automatically records all songs passing through the Live controller
  • Ability to delete records up to a certain date.
  • Ability to export records between dates.