[Updated] How to help with Mac Development

Mac Mini

Update: We are pleased to announce that we've had another large donation, which will cover the cost of the Mac Mini completely. Thanks very much for the generous donations! If you would still like to donate (it would be nice to get a Mac keyboard too), we're still accepting donations.

As awesome as OpenLP is, we do have a rather large weak point: Our Mac support. Presentation software integration doesn't work on Mac OS X, there are often multiple display issues, and we don't have a dedicated Apple/Mac developer.

The good news is that we've recently been given a large donation toward purchasing a Mac Mini. The bad news is that it isn't enough. We need another USD$150.

If you're interested in donating towards buying a Mac Mini, please contact us via support<at>openlp.org or come visit us in IRC and ask for the PayPal details.


I'm glad to see you are putting some work into Mac development. I actually tried to set up a dev environment on my own Mac last Christmas, but couldn't get it working due to the Phonon requirement. I'll have another shot at it next holidays.

Incidentally, our church has recently started using OpenLP. We are using Windows at church, but better Mac support would enable me to use my own laptop as backup.

On another note, I have worked out how to control the latest version of Keynote with Python, which may interest your Mac dev. I blogged about it here:


"we don't have a dedicated Apple/Mac developer" - who will use the Mac Mini to develop on OS X?