OpenLP 2.0.3 "Patched Petrus"


We are happy to announce another bugfix release of OpenLP 2.0: version 2.0.3 "Patched Petrus". This release fixes a regression in OpenLP 2.0.2 where services with notes could not be saved, and includes some updates to the translations. Windows and Mac OS X builds are on the download page as usual, and OpenLP will filter down to the various Linux distributions over the next week or so.

As more minor bugs are brought to our attention, we will endeavour to make future bugfix releases of OpenLP 2.0 until OpenLP 2.2 is released. If you think you have found a bug, please check the list of bugs on our project page to see if yours already exists in our bug tracker: OpenLP at

Speaking of OpenLP 2.2 (and on a more technical note), we have completed the migration of OpenLP from Python 2.7 to Python 3.3. This was a big step for us, as Python 3 is not backwards compatible with Python 2, and we had to make some changes to the codebase to take this into consideration.

NB: While there will be ongoing talk of OpenLP 2.2, please do not use it for church! OpenLP 2.1 (the development version of 2.2) is unstable and WILL crash in the middle of your service. OpenLP 2.1 is NOT compatible with OpenLP 2.0, you may lose some or even all of your data. As soon as the code is more stable, we will start our release cycles again with alpha and beta releases for folks to try out.


in version 2.0.2 openlp had some major frount end errors mainly to do with the live preview. i woudl liek to know if the issue is fixed. 


the live preview in 2.02 did not have virses showing in it and made it impossable to navigate the song properly using  a mouse. the preview window looked and worked properly. so i am currently using version 2.0.1 and will not upgrade unlessw i am guarenteeed the letest release fixed this.  


also an error ... well more like a feature that has been missing since the creation of hte app is a search for topic. why even have teh option to add topics to songs if they are not searchable. i am supprised this has not been added yet. a topic search would be handy especially as i could using topics such as christmass, easter, the type of service, different ministries, etc and search for them would be handy. and no i am not able to create the nessesary feature myself. and i am sure this is not the first time this would hafve been mentioned. i think having the ability to add a topic is uslesss without the ability to actually search for them.

anyway thansk for creating a this wonderfull program i hope these issues will be considered and resolved soon.  

oh and why are theold 2.0+ versions not available in the previous version downloads. you only have up to 1.9.9 as the previous latest download. i think this is also something that is needed to be available. especially as the 2.0.2 update had teh major error i mentioned above.


thanks again  


We are not aware of any bugs in he live pannel. Please reprt any bugs with a detailed "step-by-step" description to

All downloads including old versions are available on sourceforge: