Use VLC to play videos right inside OpenLP!

A few months ago, we rewrote how media (videos, etc) works in OpenLP. Part of the reason for the rewrite of how media is handled was to be able to use VLC as your video player inside OpenLP. Today we are happy to announce that we now have VLC support in OpenLP, via the nightly builds.

Please keep in mind that the VLC support might contain bugs since it has not yet been fully tested. Feel free, however, to test it out. As usual, please report any bugs you find.

Note: You will need to install VLC and enable VLC support in the media setting (Settings -> Configure OpenLP...) before you can use it.

Best Regards and may God be with you,
OpenLP Team


Good thing I haven't linked my PC to the main database yet, I can test it :)


Oh, and Chrome, on Windows 7(x64) at least, reports that it appears malicious...

I use chromeguiness windows 7 (32bit) and I only get the usual warnings such as the ones you get when you download an .exe or installation file. Was it 1.9.8, or latest.exe which gave you the warning?

I received the same warning. It is the nightly that is showing as malicious

Is DVD playback a possiblity now that VLC is available?

I updated my OpenLP to the latest to receive this update on my Mac OS X Lion. I have VLC installed and I "enabled VLC support" but OpenLP crashes/not respond everytime I wanted to preview/display any video. Am I missing something?

Sorry, but I have to agree with shaunaa126. I've been running VLC for years, installed the latest version, enabled it, and OpenLP, still crashes anytime I try to run a .MOV, .MP4, or .AVI file. RIght now, it's not critical. Other stuff seems to work great.

Doug (Istanbul)

I had the same problem. I update VLC and OpenLP work now with VLC.