Timed slides with music

I'm sound\multimedia guy for my church and I am unfortuneately running a one man show in the back doing both audio and projection... I'm researching OpenLP as an upgrade from our current software suite. We're using CD media often for our services and am hoping that it's possible to time song slides to music tracks.

All the features list elaborates to is toward audio playback, so I'm requesting this feature as it's probably not a lot more work and simply an extension of the current feature.

Any additional input is welcome, thanks for your consideration.



Backing tracks and timings are something that is possible in v1.2. However the timings are all fixed to be the same length for each slide.

In v2, we haven't yet implemented backing tracks. Timings are already possible, but again fixed to be the same interval for all slides.

Thanks for the info. I understand that it isn't currently implimented this way, but could you clarify if it is planned for the full release or sometime along the way?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing.


Can it please be confirmed whether back tracking with individually timed slides (aka: song slides with different times) will be possible? I am being asked to commit to an upgrade path and this is a fairly critical part as to whether I suggest waiting or simply moving to the next version of our current software.


"possible" yes, but it is hughly unlikely that we will be implementing it in version 2.0.

Hi raoul! I like very much this software. I wank ask you if will be implemented the options to enter a specific interval of time for each slide in the final release? Actually is possible enter only a unique interval for all the slides. Very thanks raoul. God bless you.

We will not be implementing individually timed slides in version 2.0. This feature request has been noted, and will be implemented in version 2.2.