ZionWorx Export

No longer supported: as of version 1.9.10 (RC1) released in late June 2012, OpenLP includes a ZionWorx importer. That supersedes this utility so it is no longer supported.

Latest version: ZionWorx Export 0.62 (18 April 2012)


ZionWorx Export is a small (windows-only) open source utility I've written to liberate the song databases of ZionWorx users and facilitate the trial and adoption of OpenLP 2.0.

It converts a proprietary ZionWorx songs TurboDB database to individual OpenLyrics files which can be read by OpenLP 2.0 and other software. The utility uses dataWeb's command-line TurboDB Data Exchange tool to extract the song data from ZionWorx, and then massages it into OpenLyrics format.

Hope it's useful to someone. Any bugs or comments, sing out!



I've just tried it and the destination folder named Zionworx (Open Songs) is empty.

What am I doing wrong?


This is seriously awesome Sam, thanks for the hard work!

Thanks Raoul - I thought it would be good to include the functionality in OpenLP, but as TurboDB is proprietary, it would be difficult to access it under the terms of our license - is that correct?

Elfin, you may have found the first bug. Perhaps you can give me some more details and I'll see if I can figure it out.

Windows version?
ZionWorx version (Help>About)?
Exact sequence of steps you've taken in running ZionWorx Export?
Did you receive any pop-up messages?

These are some things I would check:
1. The path entered for the ZionWorx database folder
2. On export, a black cmd window pop-up should have popped up, prompting "Press any key to continue..." Did it say how many records had been moved?
3. When the export was complete, there should have been a pop-up message saying eg "15 songs exported from ZionWorx..." Did you get this message?

One idea for your problem: The filename format I've used for the exported songs is "Title (Writer).xml". If either Title or Writer contains any illegal filename characters (\ / : * ? " < > |) it would fail to save the file. I'll fix this in the next release.

Well, it's an external app, so it wouldn't fall foul of the GPL. However, it would mean that we'd need to bundle the app with OpenLP, which would probably fall foul of the TurboDB license. In addition to that it is Windows-only, which doesn't really fit in with the philosophy of OpenLP where we try to target as many platforms as is possible.

Ok, that's good news about the GPL - I wasn't sure about that.

As for bundling the TurboDB command-line app with OpenLP, I've communicated with dataWeb to get permission to bundle it with my utility. They were incredibly responsive and helpful. This is the license they gave me specifically for the export utility:

"dataweb hereby grants you the right to distribute the current version of TurboDB DataX together with your open source project.

You must not modify the program in any way, specifically the copyright ouput must be readable by all users. It is important that you always distribute the current version and not older ones. It must be clear to your users that DataX is a dataweb program and you must put a link to the dataweb web site (www.dataweb.de) in your documentation and in some place in your application (e.g. splash screen, about window etc.)"

As for being cross-platform, the TurboDB DataX command-line tool is also available for linux, so maybe we could support windows and linux?



I am having problems with the export util. I am not getting the command window and the it only outputs eight songs. I do get this as a final message

Export completed - ZionWorx Export 0.5


8 songs successfully exported from ZionWorx to OpenLyrics XML files.

The folder containing these song files will now open.


----- Command-line output -----

dataWeb Turbo Database Data Exchange Version 2.0.0 (TDB 7.0.7)


Copyright (c) 2005 dataWeb GmbH, Aicha, Germany


Homepage http://www.dataweb.de, Mail info@dataweb.de


Exporting C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\openlp\data\Saved_Data_Feb_2012\MainTable.dat to zionworx_export_tmp\zionworx_songstable.xml:


Batch move has moved 404 records.

I have checked the Title.ind for illegal charaters but cannot find any.
I note the last line that 404 records have been moved, but cannot find these.
Have you any ideas?


svlr, I've only just seen your post. Sorry to hear you've had trouble.

I've just released a new version of ZionWorx Export which fixes a few issues. Could you try downloading 0.6 and see how you go?


If you've still got the same issue, I'll do my best to figure it out. You can also email me at the address in the About dialog of ZionWorx Export.


Downloaded and executed ver 0.6 but got the same result, only 8 songs exported.

However, managed to save the temporary XML file that your executable creates and by analysing the contents spotted the song that stopped the process. When I went through the data within ZionWorx found that there was a custom format applied to that song. I went through the song list and removed all formatting, ran the export program again and it exported all 408 songs without a hitch!

Thanks for all your help with this problem, keep up the good work. I hope the above info will help others.

svlr, glad to hear you got it to work!

I'd really appreciate if you could send me some more info (gmail mailbox samuel.findlay) so I can release a fix that copes with such songs. The easiest way for me would be if you could zip your ZionWorx db folder and email it to me.

Thanks to svlr, I've now released v0.61 which fixes the issue with custom song formats.


I do have the same problem as svlr i used ver. 0.6.2 and about 1/2 of the songs were extracted, so what do i do now ?

Hi cyberish

Sorry to hear you've had trouble, I just saw your comments on IRC (I'll be around till about 1300 UTC if you're still awake).

The root cause of the problem here is that TurboDB Data Exchange produces very dodgy invalid "XML". The next release of OpenLP (1.9.10) due in a few weeks should include a ZionWorx importer (via the CSV file you mention) - I'm finalising that at the moment.

If you don't want to wait that long, you're welcome to email me your ZionWorx db folder, and I'll see if I can help.




I have the same problem like cyberish. If you have time please help me, if not I can wait until the next release.

Here is my Data folder of Zionworx


Thanks in advance


Hi matji

More than happy to help you. I just downloaded your db and ran it through the importer, but it turns out 7 of your songs have an ASCII control character in them (x07), and that made OpenLP crash. As soon as I've fixed that little issue, I'll have your converted db for you.




I have fixed the bug I just mentioned, and successfully imported your large ZionWorx db. I have posted your OpenLP 2.0 db here:

[link removed]

You can import this either (1) through the song import wizard, select "OpenLP 2.0" or (2) by replacing songs.sqlite in your OpenLP data folder (while OpenLP is closed of course).

PS Let me know when you've got it, as I'll take the link down then.


Hi MrGamgee

That was fast. Thanks for your work and quick response.

I've already downloaded the database, you can remove your link.

God bless you!