mp4 video not supported?

Hi, I've been able to add an mp4 video to service plans before, but now I find that some load, but when I want to preview of go live, they come up as "Unsupported File".  They are all of the three videos available at this download site as well as from the Youtube channell using a video downloader utility (Youtube Downloader) to save only the mp4 file.  All three different quality files play well in VLC.

Is this a known problem?  Is there anything I can do to get one of these to work within OpenLP?

BTW, I'm using OpenLP 1.9.7 build bzr1775


VLC packages all the necessary components in itself, so just because VLC can play something doesn't mean any other video player can play it too.

Can you find a previous version of OpenLP that can play the mp4's? Then we might be able to track down what changed.

Raoul, I should have tried version OpenLP 1.9.7 instead of the latest build before posting.  Version OpenLP 1.9.7 works fine, but not the build I referred to originally.  I'll work with this version for now.



Uh... it can be dangerous to change from a (higher) developer version to a official release version.



Like OpenLP? Give us a thumb.

As googol alludes to, it's better to stick with the releases rather than the development channel. The releases are tested for stability, whereas the development builds can, and often do, contain fairly serious bugs.

Yes, good advice.

One problem that I've had that I think was a reason for trying the dev version some weeks ago was that on the released version some mp4 files crashed the program at the end of playing the video.  That happened on the dev version too as well as the released version (inc today again when live).  It sometimes happens on some mp4 video files (and also a PowerPoint that had an embedded flv video) but not on others.  Any thougths on how to prevent this or workaround it?

If you can forward us the debug log file when it crashes, we might be able to figure it out.

Raoul, I've got the debug file after I reproduced the problem again.  What email address should I send it to, or where should I upload it?

You can e-mail it to bugs at

Log sent - thanks