Feature Request: Song Titles

Maybe this is already available and I am missing something. And it isn't all that important but it would add some polish.

We like the first slide of a song to be just the title of the song in large text (Not like how the song information appears on every slide.). Right now to do this I just add an "Other" slide to the song with just the title and put that slide first in the verse order. That works great so that is why I said this isn't that important.

But it would be great if all I had to do was type "T1" in the verse order and it would automatically pull  the song title from what is already entered as the title, just like it must do to put the song information on each slide.

Another alternative would be to add "Title" to the "add" option of the lyrics. That would be no different than using "Other" but it would be a little cleaner. I suppose having the title in the lyrics may give more formatting options.

Keep up the great work.


Hi Tom,
Thanks for the input. A similar request is already on the feature request page on the wiki: http://wiki.openlp.org/Feature_Requests

Whoops! Double post!