2 requests

I have absolutly loved the update to 2.0, but I have a few requests.

Request #1: On the media manager, what I used to do is when my pastor would say the chapter number, I would load the entire chapter into the manager so I could drag my mouse to highlight all of the verses he would read. It is a much fasrter method of going from verse to verse if you do not know where your pastor will read. Please enable the ability to grag the mouse to highlight the verses.

Request #2: For aslong as I remember, when you change the translation, all the other data about the verse is cleared and restarted at Gen 1:1. Please allow the switching of translation to not effect the book, chapter and verse selected.

Thank you for making such a wonderful program and may God bless you for it.


Hello gracegtn,

I am not sure if I understand your first request. Version 1 and version 2 behave in the same manner, as far as I know.

I added the second request to our bug/feature list: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/825205

Cheers :-)


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My Pastor does 1 of 2 things when giving a scripture. He will give the verse location and talk before he actualy reads the scriptures or he will tell the location and read it as son as he turns to it. If he does the second, I need to go as fast as I can inorder to keep up.

If he does the first, it is easier to add the whole chapter to the service manager and go from there.

If he does the second, it is faster to hold the left mouse button and drag it over multiple verses so I can select the verses, starting where he said and ending at the end of the chapter, and go directly to live to skip the service manager. It is a faster method of displaying the scriptures when speed is needed. Then after that, use Ctrl+a to select all the verses in the media manager and add them to the service manager, so if my pastor goes back to a verse, it will be faster. In V2, the ability to hold the left mouse button and drag it over multiple verses in the media manager is disabled but it was in V1.

Keep up the great work and thank you for the amazing program. :)