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OpenLP - Open Source Worship Presentation

Experience the power of open source in your church with worship presentation software designed to fit how you want to run your service. Fast, flexible and easy to use, you will have your service up and running in a few minutes. These features and a whole lot more at a price that can't be beat.

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OpenLP Featured in Theotek Hangout

One of OpenLP's long-time users and advocates, Wesley Allen, is part of a great podcast/Hangout-on-Air called Theotek. In their most recent episode, they talked about a number of things, including OpenLP. Check out the video below! (The OpenLP review starts at 16:50)

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The End of OpenLP 2.0

End of the Line

Yes, you read that right, it's the end of OpenLP 2.0.

No, we're not stopping development. No, 2.2 is still going to be released later in the year. No, OpenLP the project is not coming to a close, don't worry.

We're happy to announce the release of OpenLP 2.0.5, "Proselyte Paulus." This will be the last release in the 2.0 series of OpenLP.

Bugs fixed in this final release:

Upcoming Releases and the Road to 2.2

Road Ahead

OpenLP 2.0.4 has been out for 4 months now, and while there don't seem to be any major issues with it, that doesn't mean there are no more bugs. With this in mind we're going to be releasing version 2.0.5 at the end of this month, June. This will be the last release of OpenLP 2.0.

Once 2.0.5 has be released, we will be gearing up for the release of 2.2. As a part of this we will be starting up the nightly builds again and we will release a beta at the end of August with a view of releasing 2.2 at the end of October.

In order to reduce the time between (major) releases, the OpenLP team has decided to move to a release cycle more like Firefox and Chrome, with short cycles and a smaller number of features in each release. With fewer features in each release there should also be fewer bugs, and a faster cycle should mean that bugs are fixed sooner too.

We have also started writing automated tests for OpenLP, which should help to curb some of the bugs before they make it into our main codebase. Each developer is required to run all the tests against their code before they can submit it, and they are required to write tests for their code. This way our test coverage increases and we are able to prevent regressions (when new code breaks some of the older code).

So while you won't find all the features you want in OpenLP 2.2, we hope to be able to get the features you want out to you sooner in future because we're not spending forever getting all the features developed while you're waiting for a huge release to happen.

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OpenLP Featured on the Amazing People Podcast

Chip Dizárd Studios

Recently, Raoul (the project leader) was interviewed by church media expert Chip Dizárd about OpenLP and open source software on his Amazing People Podcast series. If you'd like to hear Raoul's take on OpenLP, open source and the church, then don't hesitate to listen to the podcast.

APP 024 :: Raoul Snyman of OpenLP

[Updated] How to help with Mac Development

Mac Mini

Update: We are pleased to announce that we've had another large donation, which will cover the cost of the Mac Mini completely. Thanks very much for the generous donations! If you would still like to donate (it would be nice to get a Mac keyboard too), we're still accepting donations.

As awesome as OpenLP is, we do have a rather large weak point: Our Mac support. Presentation software integration doesn't work on Mac OS X, there are often multiple display issues, and we don't have a dedicated Apple/Mac developer.

The good news is that we've recently been given a large donation toward purchasing a Mac Mini. The bad news is that it isn't enough. We need another USD$150.

If you're interested in donating towards buying a Mac Mini, please contact us via support<at>openlp.org or come visit us in IRC and ask for the PayPal details.

OpenLP 2.0.4 "Correct Caleb" Released

OpenLP 2.0.4

Welcome to another bugfix release of OpenLP 2.0. This is a further release in the stable 2.0 series. While it might not look like much, we're hoping that this release will make everyone's lives just a little bit easier.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • #1117098: Transparent theme is white on Mac OSX
  • #1154467: Web download bible db's getting locked
  • #1173749: Songs with mismatching formatting tags still throw an exception
  • #1252477: Changing theme on bible settings tab causes an error when saving service
  • #1012110: pptviewlib does not accept unicode filename
  • #1199639: Formatting tags opened and closed in different verses throw an exception
  • #1206886: HTTP Server gets deleted
  • #1222534: KeyError when "Allow presentation application to be overridden" and Spanish language is selected
  • #1223841: Transition does not work if texts are the same
  • #1225763: Replacing background with video unblank screen even if "Blanked to Theme"
  • #1247661: Cannot restore OpenLP after minimising on OSX
  • #1251437: BibleGateway importer crashes on non unicode urls
  • #1258634: TypeError when saving service from previous versions with notes
  • #1259606: Clicking Verse Button doesn't alter live slide
  • #1266271: Output display returns after pressing esc when looping slides
  • #1157938: "Alt + Tab" = some pixelated icons and missing icons
  • #1211049: Can no long download bible verses
  • #1216234: Layout style has not effect when using a second bible
  • #1240942: Troubleshooting guide is outdated
  • #1265368: [regression] Traceback in web remote
  • #1163874: Add Slovak bible to First Run Wizard. (SK - Katolický (Písmo Sväté))

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